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Trough rocks

Trough rocks

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Trough Rocks are Australian paramagnetic rocks when placed into your animals' trough they inhibit the growth of algae and bacteria. This makes the trough water cleaner for your animals to drink.

By adding Trough Rocks to your troughs, your animals' urine will no longer burn the grass, deterring unsightly patches. 

All-natural minerals, no chemicals- straight from the earth. 

Perfectly safe for humans and animals. 

Being a paramagnetic rock, a simple ion exchange occurs when the rock is placed in water. Free molecules bond to the rock removing them from the water source.

This paramagnetism inhibits the growth and distribution of algae and bacteria throughout the water. You'll find in the peak of summer the algae may still grow, but due to the ionic charge, will line the bottom and sides of the trough. The water will still be clean for your animals to drink.

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